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Divorce Help | December 9, 2023

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Ultimate Divorce Professional Q&A Roundup


With the help from the San Diego family lawyers and Los Angeles divorce attorneys at the Boyd Law firm, we just published this comprehensive divorce Q&A resource that features eight broad divorce related questions, answered by ten of the top divorce experts, … Read More

7 Celebrities Who (we think) Should Have Had Prenups


Who needs a job when you can get a divorce from a successful celebrity? Although prenuptial agreements can take the romance out of a discussion about marriage, we think that the following celebs should have given them a second thought:

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6 Celebrity Marriages that Sprung from Infidelity


It isn’t everyday that infidelity in marriage gives way to wedding bliss. Well, for these six celebrities, cheating hearts paved the way for marital happiness – whether it led to joy in their own new unions or success in the … Read More

8 Of Tinseltown’s Shortest Marriages


“Till death do us part” doesn’t seem to hold much meaning in Hollywood. Every other day a new marriage hits the gossip headlines, and an expected high-profile divorce is quick to follow. The following are eight celebrity marriages that couldn’t … Read More

5 Songs Inspired by Divorce


Music soothes the soul, and is known to help us get through the most trying of times. Songs pull at the heartstrings of fools in love, and tear at them when breakups are on the horizon. The following anthems of … Read More

The 6 Messiest Hollywood Divorces


When the glamour and beauty of tinseltown marriages vanish, highly public divorces are often on the horizon. Hollywood divorces never fail to disappoint – from the high-conflict custody battles to the fiery affairs and multi-million dollar settlements. The following are … Read More

Why is the Celebrity Divorce Rate so High?


Celebrity divorces are so prevalent that it’s impossible to keep up unless you work for TMZ or spend all day reading about “shocking splits” in gossip magazines. While the national divorce rate rests between 40 and 50 percent, celebrities seem … Read More