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Divorce Help | September 25, 2023

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Forging a Relationship With Your Child’s New Stepparent


So you’ve already endured the perils of divorce. If you have a child with your ex-spouse you have likely gone through challenges of getting your kid used to this new routine, which is so different from what it used to … Read More

8 Of Tinseltown’s Shortest Marriages


“Till death do us part” doesn’t seem to hold much meaning in Hollywood. Every other day a new marriage hits the gossip headlines, and an expected high-profile divorce is quick to follow. The following are eight celebrity marriages that couldn’t … Read More

Interracial Marriage: Then and Now


How times have changed. In the past century the United States has seen advancement in the rights and freedoms of women, African Americans, and an impending shift in the legal views of homosexuals. Of course, historically in the U.S. it was … Read More

The 6 Messiest Hollywood Divorces


When the glamour and beauty of tinseltown marriages vanish, highly public divorces are often on the horizon. Hollywood divorces never fail to disappoint – from the high-conflict custody battles to the fiery affairs and multi-million dollar settlements. The following are … Read More

5 Tips to Prepare Your Child for Your Divorce


Adults, kids and teens all perceive divorce differently. No matter what age, your child will have a limited ability to understand what is happening and what is yet to come – from the reasons for the dissolution, to the expected … Read More

Marriage on the Rocks: Dealing with your Alcoholic Spouse


If you are the husband or wife of an alcoholic and are struggling with your loved one’s addiction, you aren’t alone. Not even close. Statistically speaking, an estimated 12.5 million spouses in the United States are battling their mate’s unhealthy … Read More

North Carolina’s Proposed Act May Decide When Couples Can Divorce


A bill introduced last week would require couples who are seeking divorce to first undergo a two-year waiting period, during which the couple would be required to continue to live together. North Carolina is one of 17 states in the … Read More

Why is the Celebrity Divorce Rate so High?


Celebrity divorces are so prevalent that it’s impossible to keep up unless you work for TMZ or spend all day reading about “shocking splits” in gossip magazines. While the national divorce rate rests between 40 and 50 percent, celebrities seem … Read More

Top Five Reasons Couples Divorce


Why do some couples’ marriages last a lifetime, while others only last a few years, or even just a couple of months? Ahem. . . Kim Kardashian, Kid Rock, Britney Spears, the list goes on. With about half of America’s … Read More

7 Celebrity Marriages That Are Still Going Strong



With a different cheating scandal, shocking split and infamous divorce clogging gossip columns every day, we tend to forget about the celebrity marriages that last. Between the long hours, extensive travel time, on-set temptation and fan adoration that can … Read More