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Divorce Help | June 25, 2019

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Forging a Relationship With Your Child’s New Stepparent


So you’ve already endured the perils of divorce. If you have a child with your ex-spouse you have likely gone through challenges of getting your kid used to this new routine, which is so different from what it used to … Read More

Interracial Marriage: Then and Now


How times have changed. In the past century the United States has seen advancement in the rights and freedoms of women, African Americans, and an impending shift in the legal views of homosexuals. Of course, historically in the U.S. it was … Read More

Top 5 Reasons Women Have Affairs


Men and women are inherently different. We are wired differently and we have all types of reasons for behaving the way we do. When it comes to affairs, it’s not uncommon for people to associate the cheater with the male … Read More

6 Famous Gay Marriages and Engagements


Now that the stigma of being “out” is transforming into being seen as a trendy and fashionable lifestyle, celebrities are no longer risking their careers by making their homosexuality public. These six celebrity couples have taken advantage of the cultural … Read More

7 Successful (so far) Celebrity Marriages with Huge Age Gaps


Celebrities rarely show much acknowledgement for what is socially acceptable – they tend to march to the beat of their own drummer, especially in romance. For the following celeb spouses age really is just a number.

North Carolina’s Proposed Act May Decide When Couples Can Divorce


A bill introduced last week would require couples who are seeking divorce to first undergo a two-year waiting period, during which the couple would be required to continue to live together. North Carolina is one of 17 states in the … Read More

7 Celebrity Marriages That Are Still Going Strong



With a different cheating scandal, shocking split and infamous divorce clogging gossip columns every day, we tend to forget about the celebrity marriages that last. Between the long hours, extensive travel time, on-set temptation and fan adoration that can … Read More